• Paradise Organic Farms Our home is yours to enjoy when visiting, challenge our replica of Englandʼs Hampton Court Maze, stretch your fishing line in our catch and release 2 acre fish pond, and walk the gardens surrounding the Estate
  • How We Farm We adhere to safe & healthy farming practices without utilizing synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. This will ensure purity of product that safeguards your health and produces delicious food. We encourage you to join us in protecting the precious soils entrusted to our care.
  • Produce You will receive a generous portion of ever changing variety as the seasons progress. Assorted mainstays, lettuce, squash, broccoli, beans, tomatoes, melons etc... are usually enlivened by items such as fennel, escarole, brussel sprouts, bok choy and others.
  • Your Garden Paradise Flowers will greet you as you approach the Farm. Fields of Cosmos willingly submit to your clippers, come prepared, the pastoral waves of color from our varied Floral Extravaganza will delight your eyes. In the Fall, return home with dried floral heads from our rows of Pee Gee Hydrangea.
  • Your Herb Garden The farms ornate herb garden offers an extensive selection of herbs sure to make your meals delicious.

Join Paradise Organic Farms, LLC today!
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Memberships at Paradise Organic Farms for the 2015 CSA season coming soon! Please call customer service to speak with a representative about our membership packages and pricing or become a member online on our membership page.

Please view our CSA Membership Guide for further details.

We are more than just a CSA

Paradise Organic Farms is not just any Community Supported Agriculture. The private estate only accessible to Paradise Vineyard members facilitates an inclusive retreat.

Paradise Organic Farms is integrated in a setting of exquisite gardens featuring architectural antiques, garden follies and memorable water features. This thoughtfully developed estate has become a favorite of our Community Supported Agriculture and Vineyard Members.

The architecture displayed is reminiscent of the Orangerie at de Bois de Boulogne of Paris, France. Often replicated, the Orangerie was built to inspire the viewer and coincides with our desire to provide pinnacle service to our customers. Located in a kaleidoscope of gardens on our 210 acre grounds, this former "Plant Palace" provides a perfect, peaceful setting to tantalize your senses and touch your soul. We were blessed with world class topsoil that generously rewards the efforts at our farming partners.

Weekly from May to November our freshly harvested USDA Certified Organic produce will delight your eyes and excite your taste buds. Be a trustee and wise steward with us of earths very precious land.
  Come stroll in our gardens where acres of flowers await you. Accept the challenge of the Hampton Court Maze and enjoy the bounty of our vegetable harvest.

NOTICE: Refunds will not be given after June 30, 2015. Paradise Organic Farms, LLC is certified under the USDA National Organic Program for organic handling or production by the NJDA.

USDA Organic